I have doubts about my studies, what now?

As an international student in Germany, you may face many different challenges that sometimes make it difficult to focus on your studies. Wheater you have study-related problems with learning, self-organization, exam anxiety or difficulties with the German language, worries about your financial situation or you are confronted with bureaucratic hurdles. Or your field of study does not meet your expectations.

If you are now considering reorienting yourself, you do not have to worry: You’re not alone. Regardless of whether you need help to continue your studies, look for a studyprogramm in a different field or start something new like an apprenticeship in Germany, you can find information about your possibilites here on this site. Also there are various contact persons and advice centers at the university locations in Saxony that you can turn to with your questions.

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I 'dont know what to do

If you are at a loss, you can seek help from the student advisory service at your university, for example. You can find the right contact person through our network. To do this, select the region where you are studying, here.

If you have questions about residence law and would like to know what options you have in Germany, you can contact the Fachinformationszentrum für Zuwanderung (FiZu). You can find these centers in Chemnitz, Leipzig or Dresden. You can find the contact points here.

Dropout of University

You’re sure you don’t want to continue your studies, because it is not what your have expected? Or you can’t finish your current studyprogramm because you have definitively failed an exam?

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I would like to continue studying

You would like to complete your studies in Germany, but you are facing obstacles like financial worries, dissatisfation with your field of study or other personal or study related crises? Or you would like to continue your studies at another university?

Then click here for help, when you like to continue studying.

You can also find an overview of the appropriate contact points if you have doubts about your studies or other questions here: Who can help me? Guide for international Students